War Hammer

In the Middle Ages, war hammer was used by Foot Soldiers and occasionally knights. This medieval weapon had a hammerhead on one side and a spike on the other and is intended for close combat action. The design of a war hammer is similar to a normal hammer. The handle of the hammer may be of different lengths, the longest one is equivalent to the halberd, and the shortest one is similar to mace.

Uses of War Hammer

War hammer was a very deadly weapon. When mounted on a pole, it could damage without penetrating the armor. Even the thickest helmet could not be used as a defense against the powerful blow of a war hammer.

A blade or spike aimed against other parts of the body where the armor was thinner, and penetration was easier than through the helmet.

The spike end could be used for grappling the enemy’s armor, reins, or shield, or could be turned in the direction of the blow to penetrate even heavy armor. The weapon could also be targeted at the legs of the horse, toppling the armored opponent to the ground where s/he could be more easily mauled.

Types of War Hammer

Maul, Bec de corbin, Horseman’s pic, and Lucerne hammer are probably the most popular variants of war hammer.

The maul is made of lead or iron. It is a long-handled hammer and has a heavy metal head. Although the maul is sometimes shown as having a spear-like spike on the fore-end of the haft, it resembles a modern sledgehammer in appearance and function.

How War Hammers Were Made

The war hammer blade was made by a Blacksmith. The materials necessary to make this weapon were: Steel, iron, sometimes bronze, and wooden handles. Medieval blacksmiths not only would make weapons, but they also would play a vital role in fighting the army, making new weapons, and repairing and maintaining the old weapons.

War Hammer Training Method

The training method exercised in the use of the war hammer was somewhat similar to other types of hammers. It was based on strength and accuracy in hitting the opponent.

Medieval Weapons - Facts and Information

War Hammer is one of the type of weapons that was used by feudal armies during the Middle Ages. All men in The Middle Ages were expected to know how to fight. They were expected to be readily available when called to fight for the king. Their lives were organized and structured to have military training incorporated in their daily lives.

Expertise in the use of medieval weapon such as War Hammer and understanding the strategy of Middle Age warfare was crucial and played an important part in Medieval Life. War Hammer training include practicing new moves, accuracy, defending, and managing battles including close contact fights using War Hammer .

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