Falchion is a one-handed single-edged sword that originated in Europe. The design of the falchion is similar to the Persian scimitar and the Chinese dao. Starting from the 11th up to the 16th century, falchions are found in different forms. The length of a falchion sword varies from 37 to 40 inches with weight scaling less than 2 pounds.

Some versions have very irregular forms and some are similar to saber and scramasax. Falchions are also found with crossguards.

Medieval Falchion
Medieval Falchion

Types of Falchion

The designs of the blade of falchions varied across the region and throughout the Middle Ages. Most designs always have a single-edge blade slight curve towards the end of the blade and is narrowed at the top. This type of weapon also had crossguards above the hilt, similar to swords and daggers.

The two basic types of Falchions are:

  • Cleaver falchions – The shape of a cleaver falchion is very similar to those of a large bladed machete and a large meat cleaver. This type of falchion seems to be confined to the 13th and 14th centuries.
  • Cusped falchions – The shape of cusped falchions is very similar to those of the kilij of Turkey. The typical weight of cusped falchions is less than 2 pounds. The style of the blade shares some similarities with the Turko-Mongol sabers that had reached the borders of Europe in the 13th century and seem to have been influenced by them.

Misconception about Falchion

The quality of falchion is always assumed as lower than average compared to those of swords. The typical misconception is that falchions are commonly used by peasants. Although falchions were used as a tool between close contact wars and fights, they were very practical for these types of wars.

The Conyers falchion, for example, is commonly shown in representations of battles between mounted knights. Later falchions were used by the nobility and were very decorative. Falchions were gold-plated while some were engraved with personal coat of arms.

Medieval Weapons - Facts and Information

Falchion is one of the type of weapons that was used by feudal armies during the Middle Ages. All men in The Middle Ages were expected to know how to fight. They were expected to be readily available when called to fight for the king. Their lives were organized and structured to have military training incorporated in their daily lives.

Expertise in the use of medieval weapon such as Falchion and understanding the strategy of Middle Age warfare was crucial and played an important part in Medieval Life. Falchion training include practicing new moves, accuracy, defending, and managing battles including close contact fights using Falchion .

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