Middle Ages Weapons

Middle Ages weapons were used by feudal armies from the medieval times. All men in The Middle Ages were expected to know how to fight. They were expected to be readily available when called to fight for the king. Their lives were organized and structured to have military training incorporated in their daily lives. Weapon training was provided by the lords.

Weapons used in The Middle Ages range from a very simple tool to a piece of very sophisticated machinery. Medieval weapons may look like very low-tech types now, but these military weapons of the middle ages represented state-of-the-art battle tools and gears back in the day. See the image below on how damaging these weapons could be at that time.

middle ages weapons
Damage to Borthwick Castle from an attack by Cromwell’s army.

Medieval weapons were used by both Medieval Knights and their foot soldiers and archers support. The common Middle Ages weapons used by foot soldiers and archers during medieval times were mace, crossbows, swords, flail, halberd, spears, battle axe, caltrops, longbows, war hammers, batons, and scimitars.

Weapons of Medieval Knights

The weapon was the most important part of the knight in the middle ages. One of the primary weapons used by medieval knights is the broadsword. The broadsword was a very heavy weapon and was generally used to beat the opponent. It was mostly used to dent the opponent’s armor. Once the plate and the chain mail came out, it was very hard to cut the opponent using broadswords.

Broadswords were used by medieval knights on many things. Medieval knights use broadswords to beat on the opponents’ armor, but every time they beat on the armor, the armor would do more damage to the sword.

Medieval Sword
A type of sword used by the Vikings

There are many more weapons that were used by the knights during the middle ages including the following falchion Sword, greatsword, longsword, flail, maces, lance, and daggers

List of Medieval Weapons

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