The Middle Ages is a period in European history between the 5th and 15th centuries, dated from 476 AD to 1453. The term mainly refers to the period between the decline of the Roman empire and the Renaissance.

The Middle Ages period is divided into three ages, which are known as Early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages, and the Late Middle Ages.

Beginning of Medieval Era, The Middle Ages.

Experts say that the beginning of Medieval, or Middle Ages era, began when the last emperor of Rome was defeated by the Germanic warrior, Odoacer.

Medieval Weapons – Weapons used in The Middle Ages

Medieval weapons were a diverse array of arms and armor used in Europe, Asia, and Africa during the Middle Ages. These weapons were used by knights, lords, and common soldiers alike, and played a vital role in warfare and combat during this time period.

The most well-known medieval weapon is the sword. These were typically made of steel and were used for cutting and thrusting. They came in many different forms, including the longsword, the shortsword, and the broadsword. Another popular weapon was the spear, which was used for both thrusting and throwing.

Another important weapon was the bow and arrow. These were used by both infantry and cavalry and were highly effective at long range. The crossbow was also a popular weapon and was particularly useful for siege warfare.

Armor was also an important aspect of medieval warfare. Knights and lords often wore full suits of armor to protect themselves from weapons. This armor was typically made of steel or other metals and was designed to protect the wearer from sword strikes and arrows.

In addition to these weapons, medieval soldiers also used other weapons such as the mace, the battle axe, and the flail. These weapons were used to deliver crushing blows and were highly effective in close-quarters combat.

Overall, medieval weapons were diverse and varied and played a critical role in shaping the warfare and battles of the Middle Ages.

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