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Mace – Facts and Information



The medieval mace, which had been used since the twelfth century, was often made entirely of iron, as opposed to earlier versions that composed of a copper alloy or iron head mounted on a wooden shaft.

It was heavier and more capable of inflicting greater damage, and was especially effective against more heavily armored enemies.

Types of Maces

Although there are many different types of mace, they all served the specific purposes. The types of mace include one handed mace, two handed mace, flanged mace, spiked mace, 16th century German mace and Italian mace.

Some people mistakenly regard flail as a type of mace. Strongest of all types is flanged mace, while the two handed mace was the largest.

More Facts about Mace

Maces were cheap and did not require any specialist weapon-making skills. The general opinion is that mace was peasant weapon which is not true. Mace was a favorite weapon of knights because of its strength and overwhelming usefulness. It generated more force than a sword and could bash the heads of enemies.

The knights and foot soldiers would use mace to defend against most other swords and weapons. Besides, mace was able to break opponent’s bones without penetration even into the thickest armor.

The length of maces can vary significantly. The maces of foot soldiers were very short ranging from two to three feet, while the maces of cavalrymen were longer and specifically designed for blows from horseback.

Uses of Mace

Despite its predominant use in the battlefields, maces, in modern times, are used in government bodies, universities and other institutions as non-combatant tools. Ceremonial mace, for example, is carried before a sovereign or other high official in civic ceremonies by the sergeant-at-arms or a mace-bearer, intended to represent the official’s authority.

Mace Training Method

Foot soldiers were required to take special mace training. Expertise in the use medieval weapons and understanding the strategy of Middle Age warfare was crucial and played an important part in Medieval life.

Medieval Weapons - Facts and Information

Mace is one of the type of weapons that was used by feudal armies during the Middle Ages. All men in The Middle Ages were expected to know how to fight. They were expected to be readily available when called to fight for the king. Their lives were organized and structured to have military training incorporated in their daily lives.

Expertise in the use of medieval weapon such as Mace and understanding the strategy of Middle Age warfare was crucial and played an important part in Medieval Life. Mace training include practicing new moves, accuracy, defending, and managing battles including close contact fights using Mace .

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