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Dagger – Facts and Information Dagger, known as the earliest medieval weapon, is a short double-edge blade which has long been used in close combat for centuries. It is considered as one of history’s most famous weapons. Dagger is a fighting weapon with  a sharp point used a stabbing or thrusting weapon. History of Dagger […]


Falchion Sword – Facts and Information Falchion is a one-handed single-edged sword which originated in Europe. The design of falchion is similar to the Persian scimitar and the Chinese dao. Starting from 11th up to 16th century, falchions are found in different forms. The length of falchion sword varies from 37 to 40 inches with […]


Sword – Facts and Information Sword was the most favorite choice of weapon of the knight in armor during the Middle Ages. It was so widely used that even after introduction of firearms, the uses of sword did not decrease, but rather proliferated its type. Medieval combatants used two types of swords. One is a […]


Spear – Facts and Information Spear, a medieval weapon, mostly used in the warfare, is a pole weapon with a pointed blade at one end. It has been used as an important missile weapon since prehistoric times. The shaft of the spear is made of plumber. It comes with various sizes and designs. Spears were […]


Flail – Facts and Information Wars were commonplace in medieval times. The thirst for power and wealth excited the warlords to engage in battles, where many kinds of lethal weapons were used. One of the weapons used during Middle Ages was flail. This medieval flail weapon has an iron head attached to a steel chain […]


Halberd – Facts and Information Halberd, a medieval weapon, is like an axe on a stick. Halberd could cause a substantial amount of damage to both armored and unarmored opponents. It made up of an axe blade with a spike at the top supported by a long shaft. The weapon carries a hook on the […]

War Hammer

War Hammer – Facts and Information In the Middle Ages, war hammer was used by Foot Soldiers and occasionally knights. This medieval weapon had a hammer head on one side and a spike on the other and is intended for close combat action. The design of war hammer is similar to normal hammer. The handle […]


Scimitar Facts and Information Scimitar was used in the middle ages by a Saracen. It originated in the Middle East and has a distinctive curved blade designed for slicing enemies from horseback. The blade is single-edged and curved ending with a sharp point. The blades were ranged from 30 to 36 inches in length. The […]


Mace – Facts and Information The medieval mace, which had been used since the twelfth century, was often made entirely of iron, as opposed to earlier versions that composed of a copper alloy or iron head mounted on a wooden shaft. It was heavier and more capable of inflicting greater damage, and was especially effective […]


Longbow – Facts and Information Longbows were used by early civilizations as hunting tools and weapons, although in medieval England the longbow was one of the most remarkable weapons of the time. It can be made from a single piece of wood and be easily and quickly crafted. They are shaped like the letter “D”.  […]