King William I of England

William I of England (1028 – 1087). William I of England, known as William the Conqueror, was born in 1028 in Falaise Castle, Normandy. He was the son of Robert of Normandy and Arlette of Conteville. William I ruled as the Duke of Normandy from 1035 to 1087 and as the King of England from 1066 to 1087

At the age of 26, William I married his cousin Matilda of Flanders at the Cathedral of Notre Dam, Eu. William I was 26 and Matilda of Flanders was 22. Their marriage produced 10 children.

William I invaded England with 12,000 strongs and won the victory of the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

During his reign, he ordered many castles and keeps to keep English people from rebellion. In September 9, 1087, at the age of 60, William I died at the convent of Saint Gervais, near Rouen, France from abdominal injuries after he fell from a horse during the Siege of Nantes.

William I was buried in Saint Peter’s Church, Caen.